Saturday, 16 January 2010

Snow or no snow

We are such a perverse lot!! When the winters have been warm, we have all moaned about the good old days when you knew the difference between the seasons. Summer was summer and winter was bloody cold!

So this year we have a VERY cold snap. The ice arrives. The snow comes. And then we all start longing for it to warm up and melt!!! Ho, hum, life cannot win.

Over the Christmas and New Year period it looked beautiful as we stood in the shop looking out over the Kennet Valley. The fields and hills were covered in pristine white snow, it was gorgeous - but dangerous to move around in.

Today the snow has been melted by the rain and winds that came over night. The temperature (out of the wind) has risen to a balmy 4 degrees. It is now safe to come out of our shells into the open air. The only down side is that it looks dull and grey out over those same hills.

Thank goodness spring is just around the corner - the eveenings will be getting lighter, the trees will be turning green and the daffodils will be turning their little yellow heads to the sun. There, that thought has just put a smile back on my face.

Have a good weekend and enjoy lots of crafting.

Lynn xx

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Just Tracy said...

We are not moaners just indecisive! LOL

By the way, "when will I see you again, la la la la precious moments"