Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow family!

I know the novelty of the snow may be wearing thin for some of you but the kids just love it.

My children have relished every day they have checked on-line to see if their schools were closed. So, this week they have had the best week ever. My three children aged 5yrs, 9yrs and 11yrs made our family out of snow!

They range from Daddy who is 6ft took four kids and a teenager to put the head on the body to make him tall! Then me, whoops I didn't check, there was talk of them putting boobies on me! Then Thomas, Alice and the smallest snowman is Matthew. We were running out of carrots and had to substitute them for parsnips! It certainly kept them amused and quiet for several hours. Hopefully it has made you smile before our next snowfall!


Lynn said...

What a good looking family you have, Joanna. Won't be long before Thomas is taller than you!!

joanna said...

He is taller than me. At aged 11yrs he is 5'7" obviously taking after his Dad! He thinks it a real hoot that he is now taller than his old mum so it's a bit difficult to put him on the naughtly step!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful time you have all had, im sure you will be glad when school re-opens though, I know Gavin and I will, unfortunately Harry still couldnt get to school today as the hill to school is still too tretcherous to go up ! I had such a lovely day planned, but ended up sledging instead, not quite the same but such fun!