Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Promarker News

Hi Ladies,
Something good has come out of all the rubbish tv programmes I have had to endure, over the Christmas period, at the hands of my darling hubby and his possession of the tv controller!!!!

Yesterday we were sitting having a quiet cup of tea when his daily dose of Matt Hayes Total Fishing came on Quest TV. Imagine my surprise when I watched the resident Carp fishing expert (remind me to change Nicky's title to 'Resident Rubber Stamping Expert') and he recommended camoflaging the hook length and leader line (see, technical knowledge as well!!) with the trusty PROMARKER pens.

So now, Ladies, this is just the excuse we all need to go and buy masses of different colours. Explain to your darling man that he NEEDS them ALL to cope with varying conditions in British waters - in reallity he will, of course, only need black, brown and green - but you can look after the other colours until he finds a shallow swim that has pink, red and purple striped gravel on the bottom of it!!!

So work together, Ladies, it is our turn to play mind games with the Men.

The only downside to all of this is that I have been told that am obliged to watch this programme EVERY evening just in case they come up with another idea to help me. Oh well, you can't win them all!!!!

Love, Lynn xx


Just Tracy said...

wondered why Dale was so keen for me to get more LOL!!!

Lynn said...

You should, by now, know that all men have an ulterior motive for everything they say and do!!!

Lynn xx

joanna said...

That's hilarious but I can see where you are coming from Lynn. As you know I have a passion for my Cricut and I am always wanting new cartridges! A while ago the kids wanted tatoos. My hubby became strangely interested in my Cricut cartridges so that he could airbrush tatoos for himself and the kids! Yes, momentarily I did get him onboard....he bought me a new cartridge (for his airbrushing!)Hee, hee was I smiling!!

Joanna xx

Anonymous said...

um, I need a golf angle. :)


Lynn said...

Got the answer for the Golfers: Promarkers are great for marking up the golf balls!!!!