Monday, 21 September 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Just thought I would let you all know that I am about to be wined and dined by my lovely hubby (I know I moan about him sometimes, but......he's not too bad!!)

It is our 35th wedding anniversary today. Not bad going - we were the original 'they will never make it' couple - and we still manage a laugh together every now and then!!

He is cooking me scollops done to the original Mrs Beaton recipe, my favourite! Might even be a little bit of fizz to drink with it.

Hopefully I will be in a fit state to open the shop in the morning.

See you all there.

Lynn xx


joanna said...
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joanna said...

Congratulations for 35 years together, what an achievement!

Hope you have a lovely evening get off the blog and go home to hubby otherwise your dinner may be in the bin!

Yvostick said...

Congratulations - have a lovely evening :)