Monday, 21 September 2009

Am I in big trouble

Oh, my goodness me. Am I in big trouble. We had a weekend of fun in the workshop beading and I was supposed to take photos.
Sorry, Joanna.
I forgot the camera on Saturday and I remembered to take it with me on Sunday, but did not have it charged up. I hang my head in shame.
But we did have a great time and we made some lovely bits and pieces. The bells are just divine, the snowflakes are gorgeous and the bracelets & necklaces went well.
I have slapped my wrists and I promise to try harder with the photos.

Have a good week.

Lynn xx


joanna said...

You are in such big trouble photos!!!! Excuses, excuses. I am going to ask the girls in the shop what is your most hated job.......that will be your punishment. Come on Tracy, Nicky, Anne, Ruth etc give me some ideas!!!

Infact better still I will ask Grant as I am sure he could come up with a good list!!

Joking apart I am glad everyone had a great time.

Joanna xx

Lynn said...

My most hated job is taking photos!!!!

I don't remember to take them, even when I have a camera in my hand!!!!

Sorry, Joanna. I will try harder next time.

Lynn xx