Saturday, 3 October 2009

ProMarker Challenge Club - Ollyfant stamp

Here as promised is the lovely card Nicky designed for the 1st ProMarker Challenge Club that took place on Saturday, 3 October. I hear that everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they are looking forward to entering the ProMarker Challenges that Nicky will set each month.

Here are the finalised details of the ProMarker Challenge Club:-

When you arrive at the ProMarker Challenge Club you will be given some images to colour in during the Club session, followed by a quick tutorial by Nicky. Next you will be given a challenge sketch using the ProMarker pens and using something else from the shop. Everyone will have until the end of the week to hand in their finished card (sounds easy so far).

Bear with me now, it's get a bit complicated. All the finished cards will be displayed in the shop and customers will have a chance to vote for their favourite card of the month. The winner will receive a prize at the next ProMarker Challenge Club, however they will not be eligible to enter the challenge for the following month, but may rejoin after that.

It all sounds like great fun, so why not join Nicky at the next.....

ProMarker Challenge Club
7 November, 2-4pm,
£7.50 per person

To book your place give us a call on 01635 860900, pop into the shop or email us on or for further details of the ProMarker Challenge Club click here.

Please leave a comment below on what you think of the new ProMarker Challenge Club.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for Card No.3 in the Promarker Challenge Club