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Newsletter - March 2013



Let's hope
the sun will
come out soon!!

How about getting the Kids
to decorate some eggs
and make a colourful
Easter tree.
The branches in the garden are perfect at this time of year.

Hi Everybody

I have just looked and it has been an age since I got the typing fingers out to have a chat with you all, so it might be an idea to sit comfortably before you begin reading.  I think it could be a long one!

I cannot believe how fast this year is passing, almost into April already!!

Life has been manic at Courteney Castle, finishing off the decorating.  I have been keeping poor GC very busy with the rubbing down, filling in and painting.  

It is almost completed now and we can settle into our old age quietly!!  The best thing about the whole experience is that I am getting my own crafting space and it is wonderful.   For the first time, since forever, I am having my own cupboards and drawers that nobody can take away from me!!  I feel like a very spoilt little girl.  Just got to think about how to organise them.....which colour paints shall I have.....what size canvass do I feel like I keep a stock of cards or bring home as I go....etc

What we need now is for the weather to start picking up.  Can you believe how long this winter is going on?  Someone said, the other week, (and I cannot remember who it was) that we have been in the throws of an 18 month winter.  And it certainly feels like it!!

Yesterday afternoon a customer (Maria) comes into the shop and said 'I need to pick this up (wedding inserts) before the foot of snow arrives', 'oh,no' said I. I went home and said to GC 'a customer says we are going to have a foot of snow', 'nah', said GC, contemptuously, 'she is not looking at the right weather forecast, it will not reach us, we are only going to have rain'. Looking out of the window now I am wondering which one of them will be eating their words (have a feeling it will not be Maria!).

The poor spring flowers are peeping their heads out and shrinking back in shock.  

Anyway, meanwhile at Flutterby Crafts, we have been busy.

Probably most of you have heard about the fun we have had.  Another break-in, but this time the ?**?**'s got into the shop and created mayhem behind the counter and in the demo area.  Thank goodness they did not run amok through the shop!!  The silly thing is that they did not appear to take much - so what was the point?!

Someone said that they definitely were not crafters.  If they had been we would have found them sitting in the middle of the shop sticking embellishments on cards instead of wrecking the place!!

The worst thing is that it has meant that we have been living with a boarded up window since mid-January!!  All through the cold weather.  The good news, though, is that we are getting our new window next Tuesday - lolol! probably the day that the snow will come with a vengence!!   

In the last newsletter I was busy promoting the workshop with Liz, well we had so much fun with it - as you can see from these photos:


And the lovely canvas that Liz made is hanging on the wall behind the till in the shop, but here is a peek of it:

If you did not get a chance to come to this class or you fancy having another go at something similar, Liz will be back in May to work with another canvass.  In the meantime, how do you fancy trying this:

I will be running a workshop on the 13th April, 10am 'til 12.30, £15 all inclusive.  There will only be a couple of places, get booked in asap!!

Now, I know that next weekend will be Easter, but it is also the last Saturday of the month - so it will be Crop Saturday with Cate.  Same time as normal, 10am to 4pm of 100% crafting pleasure!!

Because it is Easter, remember that we will be closed on Good Friday (also the Sunday and Monday, as usual!).  I will be playing dutiful daughter to my Mummy and Daddy!!  I am very excited, I am taking them to Wales to see Helen and Jet.  Mum and Dad have not seen Helen and Jet for about a year, also they have never been to Helens flat.  Let's hope the snow has cleared.

Then, the following weekend it will be time for the Promarker club!!  I don't know how many of you follow our blog:  (
or follow us on Facebook, but Nicky has been producing some amazing cards using the new Gorjuss stamps and the Promarkers.

Hopefully, if we talk to her nicely, she might show you all how she achieves such wonderful images.

The Gorjuss stamps are from the range that we stock as part of the Docrafts Creativity ranges that we currently have in the shop.  Amongst the latest ranges is the Country Companions - some beautiful Easter designs.  Also, remember that we now stock the Creativity Magazine:


And this months magazine has some inspirational projects - it is fast becoming our favourite magazine, because it covers every craft that we support.  There is one article, that particularly caught my eye, showing how to recycle the packaging from some of the ranges to make some beautiful cards.

On top of the Scrapbooking & Crops, Cate has been busy with the weddings.  In the last email I mentioned that Cate had come up with a new design for the table plans.  Well here is the first (unofficial) picture of it:

It was first road tested at the wedding of Cate's friend, Leanne.  If you look carefully you can see her in the picture!!

If you know of anybody looking to make their wedding stationery or wanting something beautiful for their table plan - remember to give them our name!!

Talking of weddings, I am going to one in July!! This week I received an invitation to the wedding of Joanne - the daughter of a very dear and close friend of mine, Tracy Watkiss.  I must ask her what she is doing about a table plan!!

I am going to have to find a new outfit to wear.  Maybe this will be my incentive to loose some weight!! 

Now I told you, at the beginning, that this could be a long one.  Well I was not wrong.  So I think I am going to make myself a cup of tea, put my feet up and relax before I finish decorating my bag.  The latest offering from my crafty fingers.  Watch out for pictures!

Have a good weekend and Easter.  Lets hope the snow eases, but in the meantime get your creative hats on and have some fun.

Best wishes from Lynn and the Girls. xx

PS - I NEED SOMETHING FROM YOU - it would help us to have a few words from you about us.  A testimonial type thing.  I need them for the website and the blog.  If you would be happy to do it, please could you email it to me at .  Many, many thanks.  Lynn x

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