Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Newsletter - October 2012

Autumn is here

Which means
Christmas Cards
and presents. Busy, busy time!

Hi Everybody

Got a feeling this is going to be a bit of a long newsletter, so much to talk about.......mind you, you have been lucky just recently, only a few very quick newsletter.  Going to make up for it now, so go make a cuppa and put your feet up.  That is what I am doing!!

I hope you are all fit and well and you have enjoyed a good summer break.....despite the best that the weather could bring you!!

You will all be pleased to hear that GC and I are comfortably (??) settled into our new house.  It has taken all year to get from putting the house on the market to moving in.  As they say, all good things come to those that wait.

And as this picture shows Buzz and Kite did not take too long to get settled - although they were told that they were not allowed onto the new furniture and that is why they are looking very sheepishly at the camera.  Kite then thought he could get around it by rounding up the cushions and making a cosy bed with them, technically then he is not really sleeping on the sofa - he is sleeping on the cushion!! me soft, but guess where they are sleeping right at this moment as I type?  I will give you a clue, it is not on the floor!!

The work is progressing on the house.  The kitchen should be up and running by tomorrow, the bathroom by the end of the week.  Just need to get GC working on the tiling and they will be done.  Then the wardrobes get fitted (hooray!) and I will be able to find my clothes!!  Perhaps then, also, I will be able to get back to doing some playing with my craft stuff when I am at home.  We will see, as they say - all good plans....

In the meantime we are getting our head back into gear here at the shop and, guess what? We have FINALLY sorted out the Autumn Workshop Brochure.

I know that it is late this term, that is my fault - I had so much happening and could not work out what dates for when, where or how.  Now it has been done and here is the link for your copy:

If anybody has a problem with reading it, please email me

I have just been taking a look at it and there are some changes to the workshops so, if you are used to coming to one of the regular classes, make sure you check out the details.  I will point out some of the details:

 Firstly, Cate's Scrapbooking Class has been moved from Tuesday evening to Wednesday afternoon.  The price of the class includes all materials, you just need to bring your photos.  Cate will give you an idea of the photos that you will be working on prior to each class.

Please note that Cate's Crop in October will be on the 20th not the 27th.

Beading with Ruth - this group is a self-organising group, not actually run by us.  As you know, I have closed the Bead and Wool shop but the Ladies that were coming for the beading class still wanted to meet up.  They now organise themselves and are charged just for the use of the room.  If you are interested in joining them, please give me a call.

Nicky's Promarker Challenge Club is still on the first Saturday of each month and the one on the 6th of October will be featuring Christmas colouring in.  A must for this season.

Be careful with my Saturday Home Decor classes.  Because of various shows that I am having to go to, I am having to re-organise some of my classes.  Sorry about that.  I am still doing the Wednesday afternoons.  If anybody is interested in me running the odd evening, let me know - if I get enough interest I will sort something out.

On the workshop schedule we have allowed for 3 Christmas special days.  The 13th October will be decorating a wooden Advent calendar similar to this one:

 More details should be out next week.

Also, next week should see the arrival of all of our Christmas papers and they will be a joy to behold.  We have got the latest Kaisercraft offerings and they are delicious.  Taken together with the beautiful Wild Rose Studio Christmas stamps AND the Woodware stamps that Nicky has chosen, this is going to be a gorgeous traditional season.  Here is just a taster:

 Now, the final thing for today is
THE COACH TRIP to the NEC in November!!
If you would like to click on this link:
you should be taken through to the page on our website that has all the details.  So give us a call and book your place. 
Currently we have 10 spaces left - so be quick.

Looking forward to seeing you all again and getting that Christmas crafting going.

With best wishes from Lynn and the Girls. 

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