Friday, 13 July 2012

Newsletter - July 2012

Meet our very own star!
Well done, Nicky.
Hi Everybody

Now, before I start, I know that this is going to be a long newsletter so you had better get a cup of tea and put your feet up.

Ready?  Then let me begin.........Who amongst you like the Creative Stamping magazine?  If you have not yet read it and you are a stamper, you need to check it out.  If you like it already, then you will especially love this quarters issue because it is featuring our very own star, Nicky!! 

Not only were FOUR of her card designs selected for a two-page spread inside the magazine, but ONE was selected for the front cover!!

The cards are designed around the set of free stamps that come with the magazine and Nicky has done a stunning of job with them - as we would expect!!

Well done, Nicky we are proud of you!!

The next thing I am going to talk about is something very serious.  Earlier this week I was walking my dogs on the park and someone asked me if I was closing the shop.  It's alright, don't go into heart failure, because it is not true - but it did make me realise how easily rumours can get around and grow.  I know that some of you have heard what is about to happen to the bead shop, now I am going to tell the rest of you.

As most of you know, we started 8 years ago, just with cardmaking supplies, in the tiny little wooden building that is up on staddle stones.   Over the years we have moved things around - taking the workshop upstairs, moving the paper to the bigger shop, expanding from cardmaking to scrapbooking to beads, wool and home decor.

Well, now the time has come for us to make our next move!!

As time has gone on I have found it very difficult to keep spreading myself between the two shops and the workshop.  Also over the past few years I have been relying heavily on Ruth to keep the Bead & Wool shop together, but now Ruth has decided that she would like to retire.  Also the wool has not quite hit the market that we thought was out there. 

So, rather than try to carry on the way that we have been, I have made the decision to take a limited supply of the beads over to the main shop and to gradually sell off the wool.

The Bead & Wool shop will close it's doors on Saturday 28th July and until then there is a sale on all beads, findings and wool - so if you want to get some, come now!!

Watch out for the movement in the big shop over the coming weeks, we will be changing things around to make room for the beads and bits.

There, let that be the end of all bad rumours - I cannot believe I wrote so much about one subject!!

I think if I did anything with the paper shop there would be an uproar from you crafters and the local Brides.

Cate has been working so hard this spring and summer.  It seems that all her weddings (sorry Brides, they are HER weddings not YOURS!!) are happening at once and she is busy getting all the table plans made before she disappears on holiday.

Also, if any of you fancy a tea party take a look at PinkTeaParties. Leanne is based in Woolhampton and Cate makes all the stationery for her.  Lovely lady.  I fancy a tea party!!

It was good to see so many of you at the Art Stamp show last weekend.  We had great fun running the Hubby Corner - our 3rd year and the Hubbies are getting used to coming to see us!!  I hope you all became inspired to have some fun with your crafting.

I had great fun with my workshops and we decorated some beautiful boxes.

This box is decorated using the crackles with iridescent paint and it is so cute.

Nicky helped some lovely ladies to play with their Promarker pens and they had a grand time decorating tins.

This one has been decorated as a holiday fund tin - perhaps Nicky is hoping it will encourage the sun to come out.

Now, talking of the Art Stamp Show makes me think that it will soon be time for the NEC coach trip in November - I understand that it is on the 2nd weekend.  I will be running it.  If you are interested, details will be out in the middle of August.  If you want me to email you the details as soon as I have finalised them - then email me on and I will get the information out to you.

Scary that we are getting that late into the year already.  Let us hope for an Indian Summer - it will make us all feel better before the winter hits us!!

What else have I got to say?  Oh, yes, I have had a wonderful couple of weeks with my visitor from Australia.  Unfortunately my return from her workshop in Wakefield was tinged by sadness, because we lost our oldest Lab - Kip - the day after I came back (he was old and it was not unexpected, poor soul!). 

Bless her, Vicki worked so hard teaching me to paint.  I think she realises that I will never be a natural, but I will be practising and trying very hard.  I had so much fun and I have come home with a couple of lovely pieces that will sit beautifully in my new house.

This is a picture of my Pansy Box, I am very proud of it.

That is the other thing.....we have sold the house, watch this space for details of the move (please keep fingers crossed that it all goes well!).  GC & I are sooo excited.

Well, I think that is that for now.  I hope you all have a good summer holiday and that the weather picks up for you and the kids.

With best wishes from Lynn and the Girls.

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Joanna said...

Hi Lynn, It is always nice to hear not so good news is tinged with good news. Sad to hear about the Bead shop and I remember my 1st steps into the shop when you first opened and I have been addicted to papercrafting ever since! Just been by your house and saw the SOLD board up on your house, congratulations!