Friday, 22 June 2012

Summer Sale Starts this Saturday - 23rd June 9.30am

Will it EVER stop raining so I can go out to play?

Hi Everybody
I found this picture of Kite (our puppy) looking very fed up and I thought it summed-up how we are all feeling at the moment.

I find it so hard to believe that there can be any more rain to fall out of this sky and if this has not sorted the water shortage nothing will!!  One of the problems that I am finding is that we get the odd little spell of the sun, it just starts to lift the spirits, then bang and the rain is back. 

As for it being flaming June, well the longest day passed without being able to see the sunrise or sunset for the clouds!!

So, I thought you will all need cheering up - what can I do?  I cannot put an event on as such - can you imagine the marquee up in this weather?  No, neither can I and GC would have a fit if I suggested it - he had to sit gripping tight to it last time we put it up.

I know, we will start a round of SUMMER SALES!

Traditionally the summer is not the time when we all knit, our hands get too warm with all that movement, but I think it is time we changed tradition.  Our hands need some warming-up.  So we will start with some massive bargains in the Bead and Wool shop.  Here is the deal:

Massive Summer Sale
Starts this Saturday - 23rd June 9.30am


And that is only the beginning.  Watch our blog or our Facebook  page for details of more bargains over the coming weeks.  We will be running the summer sale all through Wimbledon time and on 'til the start of the Olympics!!

That's cheered you up a bit!! 

Come on down!

And should the sun decide to shine, who knows we might get the bargain tables back outside the paper this space for more details.

Well that is it for the moment, I am about to go and scrub some of the rust off of my skin and pick up my paint brush to practise a bit more painting.  The next newsletter will have all the pictures of the marvellous bits I have done with Vicki during her visit - I just need to tweak a few bits before they are photographed.  I am feeling quite pleased with myself.

Remember to get your wool while it is such a bargain and get those fingers knitting!!

With best wishes from Lynn and the Girls.

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