Friday, 26 August 2011

Newsletter - August 2011

Hi Everybody

I think this one could be a long one, so maybe you had better make yourselves a cuppa and put your feet up - there is so much to tell!! Where to begin.....

Well I had a wonderful weekend with Helen and Jet. Jet has grown up so much now......'Nanny, I am four now!'.......and she was an absolute delight. Because of the rain, we found it really easy to find puddles to jump in when we visited Snelsmore Common, and that was so much fun - even the BIG kids enjoyed it!!

But, of course, before we went puddle jumping we had to go and visit the puppies!! How much fun can one little girl (her mother was not much better!) have with 12 puppies to play with? And the puppies are growing so fast.

We have made our choice. His name is Kite and he going to be so much like Buzz. Little sweetheart. Mind you, it is easy to think that when someone else is looking after them.
This weekend we are going to be Buzz and Kite proofing the side yard to our house. Hopefully we can contain them outside when we leave them on their own. I know the damage that one labrador can do indoors, I don't think I fancy going home to two of them having had fun!!!!

So, the school holidays are nearly over and peace will reign at home. How quickly has that time flown and, as usual, how badly has the weather behaved?!?

If you have been up our yard in the past week or so, you will have seen the damage that has been done. There was a mains water leak and the guys that dug the yard up in persuit of the leak, did not do the best job of refilling the holes (to say the least!). So now, with the help of Mr Raincloud, we are one big squashy mud pit right in front of the shop. If you come up, there are bollards out to stop people parking over the worst bits - hopefully it will be all sorted very soon. But you can park in front of the bollards so there is still masses of free parking, don't worry.

While all of that was going on the stairs have been repaired and the lift is now working, so we are all now prepared for the return to school. A return to school means a return to all the workshops. Marvellous! Joanna has done a wonderful job of getting it all sorted and has put the brochure on the website, so if you would like to see what is coming up click here:

Of course, the first thing that is coming up is the arrival of the WOOL, yea!! If you love knitting this bit is for you:

3rd September, 9.30am 'til 5pm
Charity Square Knitathon

Come and join us for the launch of our wool section. We will be knitting squares for the 'knit-a-square' charity. They turn the squares into blankets for the orphans of Africa. 

We will be having a bit of fun, a cup of tea and a cake.

We have already received our first lot of wool and we are currently waiting for the Heritage and Sirdar to arrive. Exciting!!
(Remember that the Promarker Challenge club will be on in the afternoons!!)

10th September 10.30 'til 12.30
Enamelling Workshop

10th September 2 'til 4pm
Fimo Workshop

Then the next weekend - the 10th September - will be different from the usual. 

Unfortunately the Jo Sonja's class will be moved to the 17th September because Fiona & Nicky will be here having fun with the Enamelling system and the Fimo clay. These workshops will be good for beginners and for the more experienced as a refresher.

The cost of each workshop will be £20 per head and includes all materials. If you wish to attend both workshops the cost will be £35 per head for the combined set. Please bring a packed lunch.

17th and 18th September
Jo Sonja's Weekend

This will be in place of our usual Jo Sonja's workshop this month and we will be doing something a bit different. These will be all day workshops, running from 10am 'til 4.30pm on both days, and a number of projects will be tackled on each day.

On the Saturday we will be decorating canvass - you can have an option on a bag or an apron plus there will be two or three christmas projects (not completely sure what yet, but we have a few things up our sleeves!).

On the Sunday we will be tackling various techniques and making Christmas gifts (I know it seems a bit early, but they can also be called Birthday gifts!!). Both days will cover the serviette art.

The cost of the workshops will be £50 per day, which includes a light lunch and all materials and, should you wish to have a go at both days, the cost will be £90 for the weekend.

Oh, this is all so exciting! In the next newsletter I will be giving details of the things that are coming up in October and November. Something for everybody!!

Well, I bet you have all finished your cuppa and you are getting cramp from sitting so still!!! So remember, 3rd September for the Knitathon, 10th September for the Enamelling and Fimo and the 17th/18th September for the Jo Sonja's.

I think I need a cuppa now. Have a good Bank Holiday - let's hope the sun shines - and we will see you all soon.
with love from

Lynn and The Girls

Ps: there are still a few of the little girl pups available if any of you are looking for a puppy. Let me know.

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