Friday, 15 July 2011

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Hi Everybody

Now, I have promised myself that I am not going to mention the weather - it is just so unpredictable at the moment, one minute warm and sunny, the next wet and miserable. The only good thing, of course, is that when it is so miserable outside we all have a good excuse for crafting away indoors instead of being outside.

One things that is good about when it is raining is the fun that you can have when you are four years old. Puddle jumping is so much fun when it has been raining!! I bet you too would love to be given a wet suit, wellies and an umbrella and told you can jump in muddy puddles. I remember when I got my first wellies, I was 22, had just moved here to Newbury and I remember the joy that I had being able to walk in puddles. I still love puddle jumping.Check out this photo and wish you were here:

I hope you noticed the 'four years old' bit above. Yes, it is four years since that wonderful day when I became a Nanny. Not only was it Jet's birthday the other week, but she recently had a very exciting visit to the Reception class at her school. She starts school this September, how grown up is that? It is so frightening how time flies.

Talking of time flying....what a difference a year makes!

The first photo is of Buzz with Bridie on the day that we got him - the second photo is of Buzz with Grant the other week. Buzz had his first birthday a couple of weeks again. I hope he does not continue to grow at the same speed during his 2nd year!!!!

Another sign that time is passing fast is that we were all at the Art Stamp Show the other week. A year had gone past since we had seen some of you and how good it was to catch up.

And here we go, Crafters Car Boot this weekend!! One whole year since our first one, lets hope this one is just as well attended. We already have some 'car boots' booked in and there is still more space, we just need you all to come and support us. This year our chosen charity is the Rainbow Suite at Newbury Hospital.

Click on image to enlarge

If any of you have friends or family locally who are affected by the big 'C' word, then you will know the extremely valuable support work that is carried out at the Rainbow Suite. You will also know that this facility is totally self funded, so with our help we can make that support available for a little bit longer!

I hope you will all come and support the cause and the people who are trying to sell their goodies. If you want to clear out, but don't want a pitch - we will be having a table which we will man for the cause!! And/Or you can come and see if you can bag a bargain.

What else is coming up? Well, the following week we have Mark Raby here....this is a treat for the Woodturners & Carvers, so if you know of any, please mention it to them. Mark will be here demonstrating on Friday and running a workshop on Saturday. Details will be on the blog later today.

Now, some of you (I know) would like to have a go at painting and to that end I have managed to talk the lovely Liz Black, from Applejack Craft Studio, to stop here for the day on her way to her holiday. The idea is that she will give you the opportunity to have a go. If you fancy painting a flower pot like the one in these picture, let me know. The workshop will be held on Saturday the 13th August, probably start in the morning. I need to finalise the details with Liz, so more details will follow.

You know I was saying about how time is flying, well do you realise that the schools break up for the summer next week?

Before you all ask, I am sorry but we will not be running regular children's workshops this year. We found it very difficult to keep the level of support required to make the classes viable. But, if you have a group of youngsters I am open to discussing the possibility of running something. Talk to me!

That is the down side, the up side is that we will probably be keeping most of the Adult classes running over the holiday. I will talk to the girls and get a list sorted that will be for August.  Mind you, I expect you will all be off sunning yourselves & relaxing!!

I think that is it for the minute.....except, have you heard that I am going to have another baby!!! Just like Buzz, but his name will be Kite. He is due to be born on the 30th of July (hee, hee only 2 weeks!!). So watch out for pictures of him with the Buzz and Bridie (Kip will probably pack his bags and leave home at this one).

That really is it, all my news!! Have a good week and we will see you on Saturday.

With best wishes

Lynn and the Girls x

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