Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What a busy time!

Well, it has been a manic few weeks (for a change!!).

Last week we were at the trade show picking new goodies to keep you ladies (and gents) crafting. Seen some good stuff and it will be filtering through over the coming weeks.

Had a HUGE delivery of glass and wood today, together with some devine piggy banks, teddy bear banks and wellies. Can not wait to have a decorate of those!!

Tomorrow we are due to get a delivery of stickers from a new company. We choose some lovely ones for the boys. No excuse now, they are going to get some good cards.

Because of all the new bits and pieces, we are having a shuffle around - if you came in today, I do apologise for the chaos. Will all be sorted tomorrow and we can unveil our new wedding corner - so if you know someone who is getting married.........

Anyway, come and see what we have got!!

Lynn xx

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