Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Newsletter - Nov 2010

Hi Everybody

I hope you are all very well.

I am sorry that I have not been sending newsletters out as regularly as I should. I have been so busy trying to organise so many things and there are still a lot of things that I keep forgetting to do. Ho, hum. I will catch up soon.

Anyway, I have just been sitting here decorating a bauble with some beads (I know, I should have been sending out logos for ads & sorting out the new website etc, but.....) and I thought 'better whip out a quick newsletter' to let you all know about these beaded baubles. If you have been into the bead shop recently you will have seen some samples of them.

Ruth designed the pattern, she is a Christmas Star, and tonight (Tuesday, 30th November) she will be teaching how to make them. So if you are not doing anything and you fancy having a go, come and join us up in the workshop - 6.30 'til 8.30 - it is £12.50 and includes all beads, baubles and pattern. They are easy peasy but so effective. I am sure Joanna will have a picture on the blog very soon.

The other thing that is happening this week is the arrival of two new things. Firstly we are about to become FIMO stockists - Fimo beads here I come!!

Secondly (and you are going to love this) we are going to receive our first order of Efcolour Enameling system - I cannot wait to get my hands on this!! This is a 'cold' enameling system (which means you do not have to spend a fortune on a kiln) and is great fun. I have had great fun playing with it already.

Does your fun never end?

And to introduce these two products we are going to have a Mince pie & Hot Punch Day on Saturday 11th December, when we will have demonstrations going with the Fimo and the Enamelling. How great will that be?

Both these products are great fun and both can be used for all the crafts that we cover - jewellery making, card making and scrapbooking (and gift making for this Christmas). So everybody is welcome to come and see what it is all about (who know, this could answer the Christmas Fairies prayers!)

Also, watch out for news coming up about the Jo Sonja's New Vintage Collection background colours - I will tell you more in my next newsletter which will be out before the week is out.

So there you are, just a quick one. Time for my bed now. Hopefully we will not be too snowed in and we will see you at the beading class tonight and on the 11th!!

Have a good day. With regards

Lynn & Girls

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