Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Newsletter 29th June

Hi Everybody

I sat down at about 8.30 this morning, with my bowl of 'Oat so Simple', to write this newsletter. I got as far as 'Hi Everybody' and that was it until now, which is ten past six in the evening and I am sitting here with my jacket potato and salad!!!!!

It has been madness here and I will tell you all about it as this newsletter goes on. I also have a story or two to tell you all. AND it has been a while since I last tapped away on the keyboard. So it might be a good idea if you made a cup of tea and put your feet up, I have a feeling this is going to be a long one!

I am going to start with the most important piece of news. Jet is three years old today! Can you believe that? How quickly that time has passed. (For those of you new to my newsletters - Jet is my gorgeous Granddaughter and her Mummy is my lovely daughter Helen). She is a proper little chatterbox now and I think her Mummy is hoping that the third birthday comes along with her passing out of the 'terrible twos'.

Helen and Jet came to stay for the weekend and Grandfa Grant took her fishing, I got to read her bedtime stories and we all enjoyed a Peppa Pig birthday party on Sunday with Great Granddad Jim and Great Nanna Dora. It was wonderful.

Jet wanted a digital radio for her birthday (she likes listening to Classical Music!! Very high brow!) and I managed to find her a PURPLE one which I blinged up with diamantes and beads. I also decorated a nest of drawers in her favourite colours, pink and yellow, and we put all sorts of treasures in the drawers. How wonderful to be only three and find such things so exciting.

The other exciting thing that has happened to the Courteney household is that our next baby has been born - this one is of the furry variety! A friend of ours has a beautiful honey coloured Labrador by the name of......Honey (funny that!) and she gave birth to 5 big strapping lads. We are going to see them next week and I know....for certain.....that we will be having one.

I am not sure how Kip, our old Labrador, will take to the puppy but Bridie will be beside her self to have a new playmate!! WHAT AM I LETTING MYSELF IN FOR?!?!?!?

So that is all the Courteney family news.....I suppose I had better get on with the shop business.

I will start with a little story. On Saturday just gone, two young ladies came into the shop to make some jewellery. Apparently they were told, by a friend, that they HAD to visit our shop to see all the delights on offer (there were then a few other compliments, but I won't mention them because they will make me blush!) and they were told to sign up for the newsletter because (and this is what they were told by the friend) they are funny and full chatter. So now I have got to make sure this one is 'funny and full of chatter', no pressure there then!

So, where shall I start? Let me begin from the last newsletter, with the Cancer Research Car Boot Sale. We had a great day with lots of new people finding us. AND we raised an amazing £313.56 which we gave to Maria, one of our regulars and she who does amazing things with wood and serviettes, and she had it double through her employers, Vodaphone. Thank you Maria and a huge big thank you to Vodaphone.

I think we may well try the Car Boot Sale again but, probably, not until next year. Too much going on this year.

Next, it is the ART STAMP show this weekend at the Racecourse. We, of course, will be there. We are taking the Jo Sonjas and some other bits. We will have some special offers and we will be running some of the workshops. I will be playing the Decor Crackle on the mirror board and Nicky will be playing with Promarkers. So look out for the workshops.

We are also going to be having a Hubby Creche! So if you HAVE to take the other half along, leave him with us. We will make sure he is watered and entertained. I have a great stack of magazines building up and I will take the newspapers.

Advance tickets are on sale in the shop. But, do remember, you are not allowed to take your credit cards or any cash with you. You are only allowed to buy something once you have spoken to us and got written permission to buy!! Apart from that, enjoy yourself.

Should you wish desperately to buy something and you cannot find it at the show, remember that the shop will still be open. Ruth and Karen will be holding the fort while Nicky and I will be on the stand at the show and Catherine will be running the Childrens Corner.

Remember that there will not be a Promarker workshop or Childrens Club this weekend.

Another bit of exciting news, our online shop is now up and running. Check out http://www.themulberry-bush.com/ . It is very new, only been live for a couple of weeks. But it does mean that if you cannot get to the shop, you now have the opportunity still to get your fix.

The website is being run by Catherine, who you will know from the shop on a Saturday morning. Catherine got married last year to the lovely Rob and she has recently had a beautiful baby girl, Freyja. So with Rob, Freyja and Max (her 9 year old son) Catherine has her hands full - yet she (stupidly) decided to join forces with me in setting up this site.

We are busy loading goodies whenever we can and we are gradually getting everything on there. If we are too slow for you, just drop us an email telling us what you would like and we will sort it.

Talking of websites, have any of you looked at the gallery that Joanna has built on the http://www.flutterbycrafts.co.uk/Flutterby_Crafts_Gallery.asp website? It is looking superb. Joanna has also been doing massess of work on the blogsite: http://www.flutterbycraftsberkshire.blogspot.com/ , so sign up or make comments or do something so that we all know it is worthwhile - it makes us all so very happy when someone leaves a comment on one of the entries.

And talking of Joanna, we must congratulate her on becoming a member of The Cutting Cafe design team. Well done, Joanna.

Ummm...what else? We have all the new Wild Rose Studio stamps for men (check out http://www.themulberry-bush.com/ for pictures and to order) and we also have the paper packs to go with the stamps. Dulcie, from Wild Rose, will be here in early September for the day. Watch out for the details.

We have some new albums - there is a beautiful one with a Teddy Bear on the front - templates from Colour My World, lovely resin embellishment packs and loads of new rubber stamps. All of which are in the shop and they will be on the website very soon.

Do you know, I have spent a week or more mentally writing this newsletter and I know that there is a lot more to say, but I cannot think of it. What an idiot I am (DO NOT say anything to that one!).

The plans for the retreat are coming on well. We have worked out what each of us is going to be doing - after a fashion. Just need to pick the papers, stamps and other bits and pieces. I am hoping that we will be getting some more info on the website soon. If you are still thinking about coming, let me know because places are filling fast.

The bead shop is looking good. Plenty of colour in there and the Toho Seed Beads are doing very well. Look out for a new order of them sometime very soon.

The new workshop brochure for the Autumn will (hopefully) be out in the next couple of weeks and we should have the details published in next week of the Childrens workshops for the Summer holidays. Can you believe that it is nearly that time again?

Well, it is now 8.10 in the evening and I think it is time I stopped writing. I am sure you have all finished your cup of tea by now. It is a good thing that the reading of this is a lot quicker than the writing!!

Have a good evening/day. Enjoy the Art Stamp Show - come and see me when you are there. Come and see us in the shop as well, otherwise we will feel very unloved!

Keep smiling, keep crafting, keep cool.

With love from

Lynn and the Girls.

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joanna said...

Oh Lynn can't wait to see a photo of Honey. My kids will be straight into to see you, no I mean Honey for a cuddle. They keep asking their Daddy for a dog but we are still working on him!!