Sunday, 19 July 2009

Good Morning, Everybody
Sorry that it has been a while since I wrote anything in here. Life has been very busy.
I will just do a very quick recap over the past few weeks.
Firstly Nicky had her operaton - that was a month ago this week! How time flies. She popped into the shop yesterday and she is looking very well although, as expected, she still gets very tired.
Then we had the Art Stamp show. That was great fun and Tracys new stamps went down a treat - as did the Promarker pens.
I have now got my Sister, Vivien, staying with me until she emigrates in August, so I am making the most of her and she has been decorating the bead shop & the workshop - busy girl!
Helen and Jet were down last weekend. Sorry I have not posted a photo of her birthday card yet. I took the photos but cannot find where I downloaded them. Der!
Yesterday was the first day of our new painting classes and Sonnie did very well. She has got Grant hooked now.
So now I am on run down to Tracy coming back down and us holding the Basic Cardmaking day and the big Crafting weekend - not to mention that I am going to get Tracy running a few Promarker workshops while she is here, but don't tell her.
So that has brought us up to date.
I am having half-a- day off today (there is a birthday party in the workshop this afternoon, so I will have to go in) and then tomorrow I am going off to see the parent, so we are going for a walk along the sea front, having a lunch of fish and chips then going into the penny arcades. Great fun!!
I will speak soon.
Lynn xx

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